The Fun Science Day Camp!

The Fun Science Day Camp for Curious Kids 5-11!

Press Release

Sharing Science

Summer camps and science lessons are in full swing, as we outlined in our previous blog. Now that your campers have started to experience some of the awesome lessons we’ve come up with, we want to see their best creations, from zippy superhero mobiles to roaring rockets!


Welcome To Camp!

Camp season has officially started, with dozens of locations across the country opening their doors to science. Campers are flocking in, excited to learn all about robots, rockets, rocking gizmos, and, of course, super heros! But before the fun and learning can begin, we want to remind both parents and campers alike just what is in store for them during our summer sessions.


The Building Blocks of Camp

Destination Science has operated with two essential principles since day one:

1. Develop confidence and enthusiasm about science as kids gain knowledge about how the world works around them.

2. Build character and skills for life – including curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, persistence and more!

Let’s take a look at exactly how we accomplish these two goals and why it is so important for each kid to leave our camp feeling confident, enthusiastic, and more skilled than when they arrived.