The Fun Science Day Camp!

The Fun Science Day Camp for Curious Kids 5-11!

Press Release

Happy Camp. Happy Campers.

August is here and camp is in full swing! Robots are battling, music is being made, rockets are soaring, and superhero cars are saving the day. We are having a blast!


And The Winner Is…

We are very excited to share some awesome news with our readers! Each year, the Parent’s Press lets parents vote on the best schools, after school programs, and, of course, camps. We were lucky enough to be nominated for the first time this year and walk away with a medal!


Sharing Science

Summer camps and science lessons are in full swing, as we outlined in our previous blog. Now that your campers have started to experience some of the awesome lessons we’ve come up with, we want to see their best creations, from zippy superhero mobiles to roaring rockets!